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Meet My Family

So obviously this blog wouldn’t be a lifestyle and mommy blog if I didn’t introduce you to my family; the reason behind why I do what I do!

It all started in the summer of 2008 when I was attending college. I had just moved into my first apartment and my new neighbors had come over to ask if I wanted to go to a party that night. So my roommate and I said yes and off we went. And there I met the man of my dreams. But seriously, I did! Drew asked for my number that night and we have been inseparable ever since…well, except during hunting season;) Anyway, we moved in together after 3 months of dating (my mom did not like that), dated for 5 years, and then finally got engaged. August 17, 2013 was the day we tied the knot and had the most beautiful outdoor country wedding. We enjoyed our newlywed life for four short weeks until we found out we were pregnant with our first son Cason and then our honeymoon phase was over and our parenting journey began!

Robert Cason Retherford. Our first little miracle arrived April 29, 2014 in a somewhat scary delivery (I will have a future blog post about his labor and delivery story) and he has been surprising us ever since. Cason is loud, smart, rambunctious, sweet, snuggly, and all around, a great little dude. He is in his second year of preschool this year and loves his teacher and all of the new material he is learning. Cason LOVES cars, trains, fire trucks, ambulances, race cars, and especially monster trucks! In fact, he just informed me yesterday that he wants to be a monster truck driver when he gets older. But that’s ok, last week it was a superhero. I love my Cason boy.

Kinsley Rose.  Kinsley was born March 4, 2016 and is my little dream come true. Not that my boys aren’t, but I have spent my whole life waiting to be the mommy of a little girl. I always pictured my little girl as dainty and sweet and though Kinsley can be like that sometimes, most of the time she is the opposite. I have never met a little girl who is as accident prone and messy as she is. I wish I could roll her up in bubble wrap every morning! She has always been a mommy’s girl and won’t stray far from my side very often. We are trying to work with her at MOPS to slowly be ok without me for a few hours a few times a month and so far it’s been rough. Lol. It’s just the season we’re in and I’m ok with it for now. I love the bond we have and am excited to share many more special mommy-daughter moments.

Kellan Michael was a total surprise but I couldn’t have planned a better time to have another little baby boy. We found out we were pregnant with Kellan when Kinsley was only 8 months old and we were shocked! Gods timing is perfect though:) Kellan was born September 21, 2017 and was the first baby that didn’t come early AND decided to come on his own. He has been an easy baby ever since and oh. my. gosh. he is ALWAYS smiling. He has been a joy this past year and it’s a little bittersweet that he turns 1 next weekend. He is crawling and pulling himself up on everything so I know it’s only a matter of time before he is walking! And then it’s going to get really crazy around here (as if it isn’t already).

And last but not least, we have Daisy. Daisy is our Yorkshire terrier that we’ve had since Drew and I first started dating. She will be 10 years old on September 15th and really has been the best little dog ever. She’s got attitude and sass but she’s good with the kids and easy to travel with so we keep her around;)

Again, welcome to Raising Retherfords and I am so excited to share more stories about my family with you!

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