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Find Your Fire/Learn a Skill Day

So this week at MOPS we put together a Find Your Fire/Learn a Skill Day. It took a lot of planning and work but it was so worth it! All of the moms loved it and I definitely got something out of it so I thought I’d share a little bit about it.

We decided that in order to Find Your Fire, sometimes you need to experience new things or become proficient in those things you have always wanted to do! So my MOPS group went ahead and created a Facebook poll on our MOPS page that asked moms to vote for their favorite hobbies that they’d like to learn more about or do more often. Our top activities were:

  • DIY/Home Decor
  • Gardening
  • Cake Decorating
  • Photography
  • Calligraphy

With those activities in mind, we went out in the community to find the perfect instructor for each class. We coordinated what the instructor would need and what would be the best topics to cover in a 35 minute lesson. Then we set out a sign-up sheet 2 weeks in advance so the moms could sign up for their top 2 classes that they wanted to attend. We were then able to divvy up the classes so they were all even and not over crowded. With final numbers in place, we were able to buy supplies that were needed for a few of the activities. I personally chose Photography and Cake Decorating and holy moly I learned A LOT! I think this gave our moms a lot of knowledge to be able to go out and pursue those hobbies with more confidence and maybe it helped some of the moms find a new hobby.

From the cake decorating class, I was able to learn how to frost a cupcake with a rose which is actually a lot easier than it looks. Hopefully I can do some for an upcoming event so I can take pictures to share:) I also got to play around with numerous different frosting tips and I got the recipe for homemade buttercream frosting which I can’t wait to try. After doing Kellan’s birthday cupcakes and cake, I knew that I needed to learn the proper way to load a pastry bag and pipe the frosting out of it cause I had lime green frosting everywhere! I can’t wait to put these new skills to the test!

The photography class was SUPER informative and included more knowledge than I could have hoped for. I’ve had a Canon Rebel T3i for a few years now and have slowly been learning how to use (I wish I had more free time!) but having an instructor work with you hands on was awesome. She showed us tips for focusing, tips for how to use props, tips for lighting, tips for working with your children, you name it. I was amazed she covered as much as she did in just 35 minutes and only wish I would have had longer with her. I think the only thing I need to do now is just practice!

There was lots of positive feedback about the other classes and I wish I could have attended all of them. The gardening class got to make a cute little indoor herb garden as well as learn about the soil in our area and what types of plants do the best in our climate, the calligraphy class got to make place cards for their Thanksgiving table scape, and the DIY/Home Decor class got to watch demos on how to use Plaster of Paris and chalk paint for all sorts of projects around the house. I am looking forward to next year and the classes we come up with!

If you are in a MOPS group, let me know if you have done anything like this and how did it go? If not, what are your hobbies? Aside from the topics above, I love to scrapbook, crochet, sew, and use my Cricut:)



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