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Moms Encouraging Moms

This years’ theme for MOPS is “Find your Fire” and what a strong and powerful theme it has been so far! At the beginning of the MOPS year, my leadership team and I watched this video on that introduced the new theme so that we could get an idea of what “Find Your Fire” was all about. This way, we could plan our speakers, presentations, and crafts accordingly. The video was so powerful that we decided to take a piece of it and make it our own.

As one of our outreach projects we decided to get together as a leadership team and create signs for our MOPS moms. We thought that we would hold them up outside of the church so when moms pulled up and walked to our meeting room they could read all of the signs and feel empowered and encouraged. I think it was an awesome pick me up and I know the moms really felt the love behind the signs. I wish we would have gotten pictures! We also incorporated this idea into the craft for that day. We had everyone make their own sign with an uplifting phrase and then decorate the sign so that it was bright and cheerful. Then we asked those moms to nominate a friend who was struggling and could benefit from some kind words. We took nominations for a couple of weeks and then compiled a list of those moms along with their addresses. Now all that was left was to have a moms night out where we split into groups and delivered the signs and “picketed” them in the appropriate yards.

Our leadership team was a little discouraged because only 1 mom (out of about 75) showed up to help picket the signs but about 7 leadership members showed up so with 8 people total we each had about 9 houses to visit….and we all had so much fun! We decided we felt like teenagers again running around in the dark, trying not to get caught. Before every house we would stop and hold out all of the signs and pray that the sign that we were going to pick was the perfect sign for that mom and that it displayed exactly what she needed to hear. Then, we’d sneak up to the front door and find the perfect place to put the sign so that it would be seen first thing in the morning. We also typed up a little letter telling them who left the sign and why we left it and we made sure to tape those to the front door. It took a few hours to deliver all of the signs and I was glad for the time with friends but didn’t realize how big of an impact it would really make.

Dear Wonderful Mama,We see you doing an amazing job raising your littles. You are inspiring those around you. Although this parenting gig might be the hardest thing you will ever take on, you are doing your best. Tha.png
Here is the letter we taped to their doors explaining why we left the signs


Oh. My. Gosh. The next day was AMAZING! Our leadership team was getting texts left and right from the mom’s who had been picketed and they were beside themselves after finding their signs.  The ladies said that their signs were EXACTLY what they needed to hear that day. A few of them said they cried, all of them smiled, and all of them felt uplifted. After about the 3-4th text I was starting to see the impact that one little act of kindness had on each mom and so did the rest of leadership. We decided then and there that this would be an annual thing and that we needed to recruit more people to help spread the kindness and even more nominations of moms (or women in general) in need. What started out as just watching a video, turned into a beautiful display of kindness that touched the hearts of a handful of moms in my community.

I encourage your MOPS group to do something similar or if you don’t have a group then I encourage you to make your own little sign or project to anonymously give to someone that needs some encouragement. Let me know how it made you feel to brighten someones day. I know it felt amazing to me!!!



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