What I Got for Christmas

This year was a wonderful Christmas for me and my family! Both Kinsley and Cason had so much fun this holiday season and are really getting to the age where Christmas is so magical to them. We took them to see Santa multiple times, went to several holiday parties, did some holiday baking, and they got to experience the “Elf on the Shelf” tradition for the first time this year. Kellan wasn’t sure about anything that was going on but he sure did still enjoy himself! Anyway, I hope everyone’s Christmas was as bright and magical as mine was! I got some really great gifts this year so I thought I would share my haul with you guys!

On Christmas Eve, we went over to my parents house and spent the day eating, playing games, going to church, opening presents, and eating some more. Every couple of hours we let the kids open a present, which is something we’ve never done before, and it was actually really neat because it gave them time between gifts to play and not be overwhelmed with multiple toys. When it was my turn to open my gift I knew just what I was going to get! This might sound nerdy but I asked my mom to sew me one of those grocery bag holders that you hang in your pantry. I always have an abundance of grocery bags and no place to put them so I thought my mom was the perfect person to be able to create something like that for me. And sure enough…she hit the nail on the head. So before you wonder why in the heck the fabric is so…let’s say, unique, you have to know its history. My mom made me a dress with this fabric when I was a little girl and it was one of my absolute favorites. She tried to talk me into a different fabric but I was insistent that the bright pink fabric with frogs on it was the best option for my new school dress. So for 25 years my mom has kept the leftover fabric in hopes of putting it to good use and she was so excited to gift this to me this year! So even though it doesn’t match ANYTHING in my house, I absolutely adore it and can’t wait to put it to use! Next, my parents got Drew and I a bunch of kitchen gadgets. My parents are great cooks and they love doing it. They also do catering as well so needless to say, they have a TON of kitchen gadgets. Every time I host something at my house they always mention how whatever we are preparing would be easier to make if I just had {blank}. So that’s what they got me! Our gift included a potato peeler (mine wasn’t efficient enough apparently…lol), a meat tenderizer, a cheese slicer, a set of church keys, and a knife sharpener. Those items were the perfect addition to our kitchen and we already have used them several times. I was also gifted a book called “Making Time to Walk With God” by Kerry Connelly which I am excited to start and I got a $50 Visa giftfcard as well which I plan to use on some new clothing pieces for my wardrobe. The last thing I received from them was my good ol blue tin filled with Danish butter cookies. I asked everyone to not get me sweets this year because of all of my fitness goals but there was no way I was going to pass up those Danish cookies!

On Christmas Day we stayed at home with the kiddos and did our own little traditions that we’ve been doing for the last couple of years. I was so excited to open my stocking because Drew always delivers and puts the best gifts in there and this year was no exception! In my stocking I got a set of resistance bands (which I was so excited to get because I had specifically asked for these), a new knife blade and some printable heat transfer vinyl for my Cricut, MORE Danish butter cookies, some fuzzy socks, a new beauty blender and solid cleanser for it, and a how-to hand letter workbook.  I loved every single thing in there and all of it was practical and will get used a ton! For my big under-the-tree gifts I got a 5 in 1 heat press that allows me to make shirts as well as hats, mugs, and big and small plates. I just got it set up today in my craft room and I have to say, I am a little intimated by it but am excited to give it a try here soon! Drew also surprised me with a Camelbak hydration pack. I missed a few hiking trips with my friends last year due to my autoimmune disease but I am looking forward to hiking this spring/summer as I am in a much better place physically. Drew must have remembered me mentioning that I wanted to get a Camelbak for such occasions. It was something I said in passing a good 6+ months ago so when I opened the present I was shocked he had even remembered me mentioning it. There have been quite a few times that Drew has gotten me really thoughtful gifts that weren’t on my list and I just love the thought he puts into it.

Lastly, My mother-in-law gifted me a new Scentsy warmer that matches our decor perfectly and a Victorias Secret gift card.  I look forward to her gifts every year…she knows me so well and everything she gets me is so girly…which I LOVE. My father-in-law gave me cash, which he does every year because he says he doesn’t know what to buy for women…LOL. And last but not least I got an awesome present from my best friend Kaylee. She lives in Texas and our other best friend Katie, lives in Pennsylvania. Even though we live far apart, we have maintained an awesome friendship and we have been friends for 20 years. I found the perfect spot to display the picture she gave me right next to my new Scentsy burner.


That wraps it up for what I got for Christmas 2018! It was a great year and I got to spend it with the family and friends that I love most. I’d love to hear what you got this year so comment below and let me know!!



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