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My Health and Wellness Journey

It all started about two years ago when I noticed a friend of mine on Facebook was talking about her weight loss journey. I had seen her before and after pictures and like me, she had gained extra weight during her pregnancies. She also stays at home with her children like I do so I wanted to know what her secret was and how she was able to do it with littles running around all of the time. When I contacted her she told me that she was a coach for a company called Beachbody. I had heard about Beachbody before and I was in the market for a new workout program because my trips to the gym were far and few with 3 littles at home, so this seemed like the perfect time to try out an at-home program. I was intrigued by the 21 Day Fix program and after doing my research and talking with my new coach I talked myself and my husband into trying it. After 3 weeks I had not lost a single pound! Drew on the other hand had lost 14 pounds! I do have to mention that I was pregnant at the time so I wasn’t too sad about not losing anything, I was just happy that I hadn’t gained anything. So after the 21 day program was over, Drew and I continued to eat as healthy as we could. But just like hundreds of thousands of others out there, we fell off of the band wagon and went back to our old habits. I used excuses like I was tired because I was pregnant and chasing 2 toddlers, or said I didn’t have the time to meal plan, or we didn’t have the money to eat healthy and organic. I used these excuses for the rest of my pregnancy until about 6 months postpartum. I decided I was going to take control again and repeat the 21 Day Fix. I liked this program specifically because I felt like it taught me tools for successful and healthy weight loss like portion control and the proper foods to eat to fuel my body…more like a true lifestyle change and less like a fad diet. It didn’t feel too restrictive for me. I started the 21 Day Fix but within 2 weeks I started having a Psoriatic Arthritis flare up. I made an appointment to go see my rheumatologist but in the meantime I was not able to workout at all. I again starting making excuses. Since I couldn’t work out there was no reason to keep eating healthy right?! So again, I fell off of the wagon.

Then I went to Texas in June to visit my best friend for my 30th birthday. I had the time of my life, I always do with Kaylee. Although I had an amazing time, this was the first time I had caught myself acting self conscious around her. I was nervous for her to see me in my swimming suit when we went to the spa, I was embarrassed by the way my clothes fit me, and I felt awful when she saw the size of clothes I was now wearing. When I got back home I was showing my husband all of the photos Kaylee and I had taken on my trip. And that’s when it hit me. I needed to change. I couldn’t believe the person staring back at me in those photos was me! I was 35-40 pounds overweight and wasn’t myself. I was tired all the time and had no energy to play with my kids, none of my clothes fit and I no longer cared about my physical appearance, and my physical ailments were spiraling out of control. I knew then and there that this time had to be different. I wanted to reach my goal weight and I wanted to feel healthy again. This time I wanted it more than ever.

I started researching different diets and eating programs: Weight Watchers, Keto, South Beach, Arbonne, and Beachbody were some of the ones I looked in to. I’m not very good at diets that require you to cut out whole food groups or are too restrictive because I can’t maintain them long term and I fall back into my old eating patterns. That right there is why I chose Beachbody. I was allowed to eat from all of the food groups, and I was allowed to treat myself when I needed to. I felt like this was something I could stick to long term so I dove right in. I starting counting my calories (which is basically what Beachbody does with the portion containers) and made sure to be eating 1,250 calories a day (not just any 1,250 calories but calories from whole foods). I also replaced one of my meals with Shakeology. It was one less meal I had to plan for at the beginning of the week while doing my meal prep and it ensured that I was getting all of the nutrients I needed. I used the MyFitnessPal app to track my calories and I entered in my workouts so I could adjust my calories accordingly. The first 4 months I did this I lost 17 pounds. 17 pounds! I would go to MOPS events or hang out with friends and LITERALLY everywhere I would go I would get compliments on the weight that I had lost and how good I was looking. I was beaming.

After I felt like I had my nutrition down I wanted to dive in to the fitness portion of getting my health under control. I was on medication for my arthritis and physically able to workout again so I asked my coach which program she would recommend and she told me about a new program that was coming out called LIIFT4.  I was super excited for this program because there was very little cardio in it, it was all weight lifting. I signed up for the challenge, committed to spending the money I needed for some energize (to help me on those mornings where motivation and energy were low) and Shakeology (to fuel my body and give it what it needed after such an intense workout), and bought all of the equipment that I needed for the program. I took my before pictures, my weight, and my measurements. I was ready. And let me tell you, I kicked LIIFT4s’ butt. I lost serious inches, got down to a much more manageable weight, and became physically stronger as well as mentally stronger. I took my after pictures and sent them to my closest friends and family because I couldn’t believe the difference my body made in just 8 weeks.

It has been about a month and a half since my challenge ended and I have started LIIFT 4 again and hope to get some awesome results this time too. I am also starting and running a challenge group on Monday for a new cardio step workout called Transform 20 featuring the infamous Shaun T and I start a 3-Day Refresh cleanse tomorrow  that goes through to Friday. These are just a few of the things I am doing to take control of my health. I am so happy that I dove in head first and finally became committed to changing my body and my lifestyle. Not only have I achieved these things, I have also gained a really awesome Beachbody family and support system and now have the privilege to coach someone and hopefully change their story like I changed mine.

Taking control of your health and losing weight is hard work ya’ll. But it’s possible.



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