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Ok, so I have been waiting for months to clean out my closet and share this post. These type of posts and videos are some of my absolute favorites because I love to clean and to organize! Back in August, my MOPS group planned a Mom’s Night Out for January and we decided to do a clothing swap. We have done a few of these before and always have a good turnout so we try to do a few of them a year. I knew this would be the perfect opportunity for me to go through my closet and purge as much as I could. And along with the clothing swap being a motivator, I have also lost a substantial amount of weight recently (22 pounds) and because of this I have been even more excited to get started on cleaning out my closet. I was finally ready to try on all of my pre-pregnancy clothes and get rid of things that didn’t fit or weren’t my style anymore.

So my cleaning style is just that…all mine. I take bits and pieces of things I have read or heard and make it work for me. I like to clear everything out of my closet and lay it on my bed (ok, more like throw it on my bed). This includes handbags, scarves, shoes, and hats. Just seeing that huge pile of chaos was motivation to do a serious purge. After everything was cleared out of my closet, I went through and deep cleaned it and vacuumed it. Next was the fun part, I got to try everything on. There are TONS of clothes that I haven’t tried on recently because I was scared they wouldn’t fit and then I would feel bad about myself. Well let me tell you, that was not the case! Everything fit and it was a TOTAL boost to my confidence. It also allowed me to purge those items that I was waiting to “fit into” because even though they fit, they just weren’t “me” anymore. I could finally let go of those items that were holding me back every time I saw them hanging in my closet. So one by one, I tried on every item and really tried to note how I felt in each piece. I sort of took Marie Kondo’s advice, and if the item brought me joy, then I hung it back up in my closet. And if it didn’t, then it went into the clothing swap pile. I was able to get rid of an entire trash bag that was packed! This process was simple for me to follow and like I said, I kind of just used my own way of cleaning and purging. The whole process took about 4 1/2 hours. It definitely was a time commitment but the way I feel when I walk into my closet now is totally worth it!

I decided to keep all of my maternity clothes up in the top of my closet, organized nicely into some bins because Drew and I aren’t sure that we are done having kids. At least now they are out of the way and sorted neatly in case they are needed again.

After I finished with the clothing part, I moved on to jewelry. I love jewelry and I am a hoarder of it. In my younger days, I worked at Icing/Claire’s so I have a huge collection of inexpensive jewelry. As I get older though, I am starting to realize that I really value quality over quantity and so I’d rather have a few really nice pieces of jewelry than the hoard of stuff I needed to go through. Also, I had a lot of bigger, flashier items and now I seem to gravitate towards more minimal looking jewlery. I was able to get rid of about 4 or 5 necklaces, basically a whole earring tree, and several bracelets. Cleaning out my jewelry was definitely a success!

I also went through my scarves, shoes, hats, and purses. I do live in Colorado so scarves are practical but I certainly didn’t need 30 of them. I was able to get rid of a dozen of them and I bet if I made a second sweep through them, I could get rid of a few more. My shoes collection got cleaned out a year or so ago so I didn’t have too much work there because I just don’t own a ton of shoes. But I did realize this fall/winter that I had a couple pairs of boots that I just didn’t wear anymore. After having kids, my feet got wider so shoes that I used to love and wear a lot just don’t work for me anymore. I wound up giving 2 pairs of boots to my best friend while she was home for Christmas and I know she will get a lot of use from them and love them just like I did:). The other pair I am going to take to a local shoe store and see if they can stretch and widen them. If not, those will be going to my friend as well. I have 1 bin full of beanies and hats and after going through said bin, I was only willing to part with one item.  I also asked Drew to clean out his hats because he had 2 FULL bins of hats and they were starting to get so packed they were falling-out everywhere.I didn’t purge any purses this year. I own 6 purses and all of them are quality purses that I rotate frequently so I didn’t feel like I had a huge excess of them or like I absolutely needed to clean them out. With that being said, I am in the market for a new purse and as soon as I find one, then I might consider getting rid of a few of my current ones.

It’s funny that cleaning out a closet seems like such a clear cut task but for me it was a very emotional but positive chore. With my personality, I have a VERY hard time getting rid of things. I am not quite sure what the REAL underlying issue is but it truly is something that I have to work through regularly. It affects me when I clean out my kids’ closets, their toys, my garage, etc. so if you experience those feelings too, you’re not alone. I love the feeling of living in a decluttered and minimalistic home but I also love things, so it’s a constant struggle to find a balance. That’s why I think finding your own system is important. You can’t clean out your house how someone else does if you are passionate about your “things” like I am. But I also think you have to push yourself and so I really tried to focus on each item and how it made me feel when deciding whether to keep it or not.

The big reveal! So here is what my closet looked like before and after my purge. I know the physical difference is noticeable, but it doesn’t even come close to the emotional difference that I feel when I walk in there. I feel like a whole new me has emerged over the last 8 months and cleaning out my closet and getting rid of those (now oversized) clothes was so therapeutic and somewhat spiritual. I challenge you to clean out an area of your home and see how it makes you feel!




(And yes I moved stuff around in between pictures…lol)

I hope this gave you some inspiration and maybe some tips on how to tackle cleaning a closet in your home. What is your biggest challenge when it comes to decluttering and cleaning?



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Kellan’s Monster Themed Birthday

I am so excited to share today’s post with you guys! This is my first official post showcasing my love for crafting and I think it’s the perfect post to start it off. I am a crafting junkie so when it came time to plan Kellan’s birthday party I took to Pinterest to find the perfect theme! It didn’t take me long to pinpoint a theme after I spotted these adorable monster invitations. Since I loved the invitations so much, I decided I wanted to stick with the same color palette of  lime green, orange, and a bright blue. I started making decor weeks in advance so that I had plenty of time to make everything on my wish list. I made EVERYTHING for his party including the giant balloon arch, the 3′ cardstock monsters, table centerpieces, monthly milestone bulletin board, the Happy Birthday banner, “ONE” bunting, cupcakes, and smash cake. Whew! I have been a busy momma but I wanted to make sure that child #3 got the same amount of dedication to his 1st birthday as Child #1 and #2 got. So without further ado here is a look at Kellan’s Monster Themed 1st Birthday!


I loved being able to craft all of the decor for Kellan’s first birthday and most of these projects were fairly easy and very inexpensive. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and maybe even got a little inspiration from it! Let me know if there is anything you’d like me to explain in detail or if you have any questions!