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New Years Resolutions-2019

Happy Friday everyone!! I know I have been MIA for a while but I wanted to share my New Years Resolutions with you guys. I plan on being more present on this blog in the new year and I also have some other really awesome goals for the year that I thought it would be fun to share, so let’s go!

Every year I choose a word to live by for those 365 days. Last year it was present. I wanted to be present and live more in each moment. I didn’t take as many pictures of life’s big events last year because I tried to not have my phone in hand all of the time. At first I was sad that I missed photo ops but then I realized that instead of focusing on those pictures and living through them, I was present in the moment and enjoying the experience right then and there. So with that being said, this year I decided to choose the word: Intentional.

By definition, intentional means “done with intention, or on purpose; intended.” I really want to focus on my goals and dreams this coming year and I think the best was to do that is to be intentional. When I being purposeful with my time and energy, I allow myself to succeed in the areas that are most important to me.

Here are the key areas I want to focus on in 2019 and some of the steps I need to take to make these goals and dreams a reality. I have a more step by step and in-depth guide for myself but I just wanted to share the basics with you today:)

Health and Wellness

  • Hit goal weight of 120 lbs
    • Drink half my weight in water
    • Follow the 85/15 rule
    • Supplements-vitamins, Energize, Shakeology, collagen, Greens Boost etc.
  • Get thyroid levels normal
    • See an endocrinologist
    • Take meds EVERY day
  • Exercise 5 times a week
    • Plan my workouts each Sunday so I can be prepared for the week
    • Set up garage to be functional for working out
    • Join or run challenge groups to help hold me accountable
  • Bedtime at 9:00pm
    • Stick to a day time schedule and limit screen time
    • Create a bedtime routine so my body recognizes that it is getting close to bedtime-see attached routine
  • Wakeup 5:00am and have a morning routine
    • Move phone across the room to help get me out of bed
    • Have workout clothes ready and weights set out and ready
    • See attached morning routine
  • Meal planning and grocery shopping on Saturdays
    • Sign up for the e-meals subscription to help me plan healthy and nutritious meals


  • Pay off camper
    • Create payment schedule and stick to it
  • Don’t touch savings account (except for emergencies)
  • Take the family on a vacation (this year or next year?)
    • Disneyland!!!!!
  • Budget monthly
    • Use Quicken to help estimate monthly expenses and see where we can trim spending
  • Keep track of expenses in Quicken ALL YEAR so we can see our spending habits and better plan next year
  • Set up savings account for Christmas
    • This is always were we rack up debt at the end of the year so by setting a little money aside monthly, we will have enough at Christmas and won’t have to use a credit card or savings
  • Host craft/sign parties to bring in extra income
  • Work my Beachbody business for extra income

Family Life

  • Create a daily routine for the kiddos and stick with it
    • See attached daily routine
  • Less screen time for EVERYONE
    • If kids are up, phones need to be put away
  • Outside play daily (if weather permits)
  • Monthly date nights with Drew
    • Schedule at the beginning of the month
  • More one on one dates with the kiddos (maybe rotate every month)


  • Daily worship with the kiddos
    • Bible stories
    • Music
    • Service
  • Bible in a year on Bible App
    • Invite a few friends to do it with me to hold us all accountable
  • Bible study/First 5 every morning
  • Daily prayer time
  • Start attending church every Sunday
  • Get baptized!


  • Regular blog posts 3 times a week
    • Write them and schedule them in advance so I’m always ahead and never behind
  • Develop better photography skills for blog
    • Make setting aside time to learn this a priority!!!!
  • Start my Beachbody business and bring in an income!!!
    • Hustle hard
    • Don’t let fear guide me: “Fear, he is a liar.
      He will take your breath
      Stop you in your steps
      Fear he is a liar
      He will rob your rest
      Steal your happiness
      Cast your fear in the fire
      ‘Cause fear he is a liar” – Zach Williams
    • Create a greater presence on social media


  • Read daily
  • Focus on self confidence through my physical appearance, my faith, and in going outside of my comfort zone….that’s how you grow!
  • Take classes or learn a new skill that I’ve always wanted to learn
  • Strengthen those friendships that I would like to grow
  • Host more events at our house
    • Game nights
    • Movie nights


So there it is! That’s a lot to do in a year but I am ready for the challenge! I’d love to hear some of your New Year’s resolutions, so comment below!